Phrozen Shuffle LCD 3D Printer (Ideal Jewellery Value Pack)


With New ParaLED 2.0

Jewellery Bundle:

  • Printer is calibrated and tested for printing accuracy before shipping
  • 1KG of EasyCast HD Violet (Castable Resin)

Ultimate LCD 3D Printer – Phrozen Shuffle

  • Use 5.5 inch 2K LCD Screen
  • High XY Resolution at 47 µm
  • ParaLED Matrix Optical Engine
  •  50W 405 nm UV-LED
  •  USB + Touch Panel Control
  • Twin Linear Rail along with Ball Screw & Ball Bearing
  • 1-Year Warranty

Technical Specification

  • Printer Size: 27 * 23 * 47 cm
  • Printer Weight: 16 Kg
  • Printing Volume: 12 * 6.8 * 20 cm
  • XY Resolution: 47 µm
  • Z Resolution10 µm
  • Printing Speed: 30 mm per hour
  • Recommended Layer Height: 10 – 100 µm
  • Power    Input :100-240 VAC ;   50  /  60 HZ

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Phrozen Shuffle is an ideal 3D Printer for long term stability and reliability.

Phrozen Self-Developed ParaLEDT.M Optical Engine

In a LCD printer, light intensity, wavelength, and optical path has a direct impact on printing quality and efficiency. Phrozen’s ParaLED T.M Optical Engine uses a LED array matrix to improve quality and efficiency of prints. In addition, the LED emission is parallel to the LCD allowing light to pass through more efficiently which results in improved printing speed and quality.

Twin Linear Rail, Ball Screw / Ball Bearing for Ultra-Stable Z-axis

Most 3D Printers out in the market have a  Z-axis design based on a simple optical axis and rail shaft. These will cause severe wobbling during the print process, especially for larger & taller models. The Phrozen Shuffle uses a Twin Linear Rail, Ball Screw, and Ball Bearing with Aluminum-CNC part for Z-axis. That can assure linearity and minimize impact of loaded force during the printing process.

** 1 year warranty, excluding LCD screen, FEP Release Film, LED Array Matrix. It is absolutely forbidden open the machine without authorization.


** 1 year warranty, excluding LCD screen, FEP Release Film, LED Array Matrix. Authorization required prior to opening the printer.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 42 × 32 × 50 cm
Curing Unit

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