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The 3D Printer  is capable of building over 35 rings (size dependent) in one print session. The 3D Printer allows you to manufacture in-house, allowing you to Design, Print & Cast in a day.


Whether you need to cast one custom piece or a large production, our materials will meet and exceed your quality expectations. EasyCast HD printing resins are formulated to provide clean burnout and casting stability. Proven castability from Silver to Platinum.

B9Creations was the first to combine high-resolution, easy casting, and affordability in the jewelry industry. We have earned the trust of jewelers around the world by offering printers, resin, and post-curing solutions that deliver proven results.

The Choice of Jewellers

High-Speed 3D Printing

The B9 Core Series leverages B9Creations’ patented & patent-pending technology
with precision engineering to set a new standard for production speed.

Powered by an industrial HD LED light engine, the B9 Core Series is 4 times faster than the industry average with print speeds reaching 100+ mm per hour.

Phrozen Shuffle & Shuffle XL
for Jewellery

-Uniform printing on the full buildplate

-XY Resolution 47 µm. Suitable for detailed models, jewelry, and dental use

-ParaLED LED Array with 90% optical uniformity, much better than conventional single point source COB LED

-50W LED Array combined with uniform light angle for faster resin curing

-405 nm UV-LED. Works with most commercially available resin

-Touch Screen control

-Works standalone, no need for a dedicated PC.

-Twin Linear Rail along with Ball Screw & Ball Bearing. Highly stable Z-axis, ZERO wobbling during printing.

Jewellery Printing

Technical Specifications

– 4K Resolution HD 3840×2160 5.5 Inch LCD
– 31 um XY resolution 
– 10 um Z resolution
– Open Resin 405 nm UV Compatible
– ParaLED 2.0 Matrix Optical Engine
– Linear Rail, and Ball Screw offering Ultra high stability in Z-Axis
– 1 Year Warranty
– Print Volume 120mm x 68mm x 200mm (4.72″ X 2.67″ X 7.87″)
– Faster than an Inch / HR

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