– Enclosed Devices – Master Mold for PDMS applications – Droplet Generator – Connectors

Per Part
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Empowering Research
“The Microfluidics 3D Printer from CADworks has cut down our - concept, design and device testing work flow from weeks to a matter of hours and our cost per device has gone down from hundreds of dollars to under $2.00. The 3D printer for Microfluidics is a valuable addition to our research and workflow.- ”Zongjie (Daniel) Wang M.A.Sc EIT University of Toronto (Kelley Lab)

Create Master Molds for PDMS

Create reusable master molds within one hour (dependent on height) utilizing the M-Series Printer and our proprietary resin developed for PDMS applications. Expect material costs to be approximately $5 per mould (size dependent).

Print Clear Chips

Print microfluidic chips with exceptional surface finish, transparency and detail. With the CADworks µMicrofluidics Printer you can achieve a minimum channel width of 70µm and height of 30µm.

Research & Development

The CADworks3D μMicrofluidics Printer gives you the ability to design, print and test microfluidic part’s layouts in-house allowing for rapid evaluation of your models within hours, to meet tight deadlines and eliminating the need to outsource. 

Intellectual Property

Microfluidics research is evolving quickly and controlling your intellectual property is extremely important. With the CADworks3D μMicrofluidics Printer, you can now design, print and assess your microfluidics parts in-house.

Knowledge & Support

The CADworks μMicrofluidics Edition has been optimized for microfluidics applications and the knowledege & training/support will be provided by our microfluidics 3D printing specialist..