About Us

Our Mission: We have always believed that having a keen understanding of our client’s needs and working hard to meets those needs has been one of our greatest strengths, and so our principle focus has been exceptional customer service.

Who We Are

Our company’s owners are Hemdeep (Hemi) Patel, Graduate Gemologist – Gemological Institute of America (GIA), B.Sc., an accredited appraiser within the Canadian Jewellery Association’s Accredited Appraiser Program (AAP) and Kamal Patel, Hons. B.A., Graduate Gemologist (GIA). Aside from their formal gemological education from the GIA, the brothers are third generation in the coloured stone and diamond industry. Hemi and Kamal belong to the GIA Alumni Canada of which Hemi currently serves as Vice-President. Since 2008, Hemi has regularly published articles (28 to date) on gemology in Canadian Jewellery Business Magazine.

Custom CAD Design Studio

Creative CADworks is a Canadian based computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) design studio through which Hemdeep and Kamal have been pushing the boundaries of CAD designing since 2009. At the vanguard of these still young technologies, their goal has been to provide expertise in the areas of CAD designing and rapid prototyping while offering exceptional customer service.

3D Printers

Creative CADworks is working to empower creativity and advance productivity with an easy 3D printing experience. The company is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of MiiCraft 3D printers. By combing the versatility, precision and affordability of the MiiCraft and the Creative CADworks Plus Edition specialized software, retailers and manufacturers have the perfect 3D printer for the jewellery industry. With one of the quickest rapid prototyping 3D printers on the market, jewellers advance from a CAD generated design file to a printed resin model in 8 hours, and with resolutions of 65um XY axis anda variable of 200um along the z axis, they offer a printer to produce the finest of detail.

Our 3D printers are being used at the following universities:

3D Printer Resins

In the jewellery industry, a 3D printer is only as good as the resins used, and thus it was in this critically important area that Creative CADworks researched and formulated their proprietary Creative CADworks Castable resins. For development of these resins they had two key requirements: fineness of details in the printed object and more importantly, castability. The CCW castable resin, Easy Cast and Easy Cast HD, achieve these objectives. With a focus on combining a very high level of printed details and ease of castability, these resins are an excellent add-on for any jewellery based 3D printing.

3D Printing Services

With its background in CAD/CAM design and expertise with 3D printers and resins, Creative CADworks provides prototype printing services for jewellery designers and manufacturers across Canada. The company offers fast and efficient service by receiving the CAD design files by e-mail, printing the castable resin prototypes in-house which they then ship via over-night delivery

RhinoGold Training

As more and more consumers are looking for unique and personalized designs, jewellers are taking a closer look at CAD/CAM technologies, yet many in the jewellery industry feel intimidated by these technologies. Hemdeep and Kamal have set out to help jewellers, young and old, experienced and inexperienced, to overcome their reservations, and to embrace CAD/CAM technologies and become fully competent in utilising them in their craft and businesses.

From thier new educational facility located in the heart of Toronto’s jewellery district, they offer specialized training on RhinoGold Jewellery Design Software with small class sizes and even one-on-one instruction when requested.

For more details and to book a session, contact us.   

Creative CADworks Academy

Creative CADworks is proud of the partnerships that they have built to date with global brands in the area of CAD design 3D printing technologies. Through Creative CADworks Academy, we are bringing this new emerging technology to elementary and high school students in a fun and meaningful way through. The Academy focuses on level core understanding of how to build simple 3 dimensional objects from 2D schematics by using CAD software to advanced level courses that explores the needs of manufacturing parts or objects to test scientific models. A very important new awareness is created among students of how CAD and 3D printing technology is pushing forward the advancement in a wide range of industries and scientific discoveries. Students are inspired to create and explore new ideas to build new purpose.

Custom Jewellery Manufacturing

As an extension to its CAD/CAM design studio and 3D printing services, Creative CADworks provides complete custom jewellery manufacturing for its design studio retail clientele. Manufacturing in Toronto, the company produces fine quality custom diamond jewellery in 14kt, 18kt, 19kt gold or in platinum.

Coloured Gemstones

Gemstones and gemology are in the Patel brother’s heritage. Their father Suresh Patel learned the gemstone trade from his family in India and in 2009 opened his Canadian office, Ujas Gemport Ltd., in Toronto, through which he and his wife Sudha, became leading importers and distributors of coloured gemstones to the Canadian jewellery industry. From Burma to Bogotá, Suresh Patel spent his life travelling the globe in search of gemstones, but he called Canada home.

Gemological Laboratories:

Spurred by their dedication to the science of gemology, in 1994, the Patel brothers founded HKD Diamond Laboratories Canada and opened in Toronto its first of three laboratories, which it followed with offices in Mumbai-India, and Bangkok-Thailand. Staffed by GIA trained gemologists and other professionally accredited personnel in these three state-of- the-art laboratories, HKD provides full gemological services including diamond reports, jewellery dossiers, and branded jewellery reports. HKD Diamond Laboratories Canada remains committed to providing the highest level of standards and evaluation practices in the industry. Reliability, accuracy, and consumer confidence have been and always will be the company’s top priorities.

Why should I buy the Miicraft printer through Creative CADworks?

As with any high tech product, a 3D printer is only as good as the support and service you receive. This is where Creative CADworks stands head and shoulders above all others. My brother, Kamal, and I are third generation jewellers and we have touched on nearly every aspect of the industry. We entered the 3D design, printing and manufacturing in 2009.  We have quickly gained a broad range of expertise in digital manufacturing ranging from creating CAD models on Matrix, Rhino and RhinoGold. In addition, we have experience in using a wide range of 3D printing platforms and teaching a wide range of age groups, from children as young as 9 years old, to experienced CAD designers who wanted to learn a new skill or program platform.

We have been the North American distributor of MiiCraft printers since 2014 and so we have a very good understanding of the printer.  We are your key contact persons whether you need technical details, printing advice or general customer service questions and all enquiries are handled by us personally. As your digital partner, we will be with you every step of the way from when you first receive and unbox your MiiCraft printer to the first set of prints. We will also provide you with important tips that will allow you to create models that will take advantage of your MiiCraft printer by eliminating the need for supports and maximising the resolution of your printer. And we can also provide valuable guidance in the area of casting and the variety of other materials that we are continually developing and experimenting with it.

What are the key differences between the MiiCraft printer and other available 3D printers?

The MiiCraft 3D printer has been built to be a 3D printer from the ground up. All the parts and components have been specifically built and engineered for 3D printing.  The light engine is the key feature of all resin based 3D printers, since this is the component that cures and builds the 3D printed model. The MiiCraft printer uses a LED DLP light engine specifically made for 3D printers, unlike other commercially available printers that use a standard home projector to serve as the light engine.  The teflon vats, which houses the resin, is amongst the least expensive on the market. Each MiiCraft vat will cost US$125, in other available systems these vats can cost upward to US$500. Teflon vats last from 3 to 6 months, based on use and experience when handling the vat itself. During these 3 to 6 months, the vat itself does not need to be replaced. An experienced user may see a longer lifespan when using the vat. The MiiCraft printer does not need to be calibrated when you receive it.  All of the calibration is done during manufacturing and is fixed in place before shipping.  The MiiCraft printer does NOT come with any additional recurring costs related to the slicing software or maintenance.