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Over the last 6 years in the CAD and printing business, we have bought and used 3 of the major 3D printing technologies available and logged thousands of hours in experience. Our understanding of each technology is very detailed and we can provide answers to any questions regarding 3D printing.

For Jewellery

3D Printer Support

Bring 3D printing to your company/business to increase productivity & reduce costs

Industry Leading Support

  • We Offer Best in Industry Support for DLP 3D Printers
  • Collective Experience of Over 30 Years in 3D Printing


  • We Manufacture Resins for DLP & LCD Printers
  • We Also carry resins for B9, MiiCraft, Fun to do and Phrozen

Applications Specialists

  • We fine tune printers for your application and use
  • We are experts in Jewellery, Dental, Microfluidics and Rapid Prototyping Based Applications
Email: / Phone: +1-416-368-7266

About the company

Creative CADworks is working to empower creativity and advance productivity with an easy 3D printing experience. The company is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of MiiCraft 3D printers and Canadian Distributors of Phrozen & B9Creations.  We provide 3D Printers basis your needs and type of use. We also have our manufacturing arm “Resinworks3D” where we manufacture resins for DLP and LCD based 3D Printers.

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