3D Printers

Over the last 6 years in the CAD and printing business, we have bought and used 3 of the major 3D printing technologies available and logged thousands of hours of experience. Our understanding of each technology is very detailed and we can provide answers to any questions regarding 3D printing .

Ultimately, we have been able to find the 3D printer that is the best of all possibilities. By combining the easy to use technology, fantastic print speed, durable resins that are castable and one of the lowest ongoing cost of use and maintenance we are proud to be the North American distributor of the MiiCraft 3D Printers. With Creative CADworks standing behind the product, you will have access to an incredible wealth of knowledge and support.

The MiiCraft is a DLP 3D printer, which uses a light source to harden photo sensitive resin layer by layer.  These layers are created when an object, that has been created in a CAD software, is modified into a collection slices, this would be similar to a loaf of bread being cut into individual slices. The collection of slices are exposed to the photo sensitive resin with the aid of a strong light source.  As each slice is illuminated, the resin hardens layer by layer.  Once the printer goes through all the slices, the result is a completed printed object.

MiiCraft 3D DLP Printer


B9 Core Series

Institutions using MiiCraft Printers