Introduction to Grasshopper

Parametric Design using Grasshopper (Plugin for Rhino)

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Grasshopper - Generative Jewellery Designs

definition code
definition code b

Parametric Design using Grasshopper

This layout shows how extensive the coding can look like, each element of a halo ring can be manipulated with a series of sliders.

Grasshopper & Galapagos

Introduction to RhinoGold

Building basic objects (Simple rings to halo rings) - Various lines and sweep commands



User Interface

Patterned Ring

Cathedral Ring


Design & Print a 3D model as you Learn

Introduction to Jewellery Cad & 3D Printing

Learn to use RhinoGold 3D jewellery design software and print models on 3D printers. No modeling experience is required!


New Facility in Downtown Toronto complete with RhinoGold preinstalled on workstations.


What is RhinoGold?

3D Jewellery Design Software

The greatest and most advanced tools to create bespoke jewellery, together with the ease of Elements, make RhinoGold 6 the right ´way to go´ for jewellery professionals.

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