Phrozen Transform


Print Large Objects

  • Transform has a build area of 29 x 16 x 40 cm, XY resolution of 76 um, and a print speed of 50 mm / hr
  • Versatile and precise, Phrozen Transform’s changeable 13.3” & dual 5.5″ panels (Additional Purchase) and ultra-stable 40 cm Z-axis
  • XY Resolution:  76 micron for 13.3 LCD panel
  • XY resolution: 47 microns for dual 5.5 LCD panels
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Phrozen Transform (13.3″ LCD panel)

Technical Specification

  • LCD: Quick & Easy change 13.3″ LCD panel
  • XY Pixels: 4K – 3840 x 2160
  • XY Resolution:  76 micron
  • LED Array: ParaLED
  • Build volume: 292*165*400mm
  • OS: Built-In Phrozen OS
  • Slicer: Supported by Phrozen Slicer
  • Air Filtration: Activated Carbon or Silica air filter
  • Wifi: Yes

The Phrozen Transform’s 13.3” LCD, dual 5.5″ LCD panel and 40 cm (15.75 inch) Z-axis can handle your larger projects with speed and ease. 

A build volume of 29.2 x 16.5 x 40 cm (11.5 x 6.5 x 15.75 inch). The large printing area does not sacrifice details: the 40 cm (15.75 inch) Z-axis is nearly twice as big for other machines in its class, which means Phrozen Transform has the stability to render your designs at 76µm XY resolution.

Transform’s dual 5.5” panels, allows you to have multiple prints at the same time. The full setup option for Phrozen Transform offers dual 5.5” panels in addition to the 13.3” panel, bringing your build volume to 12 x 6.8 x 40 cm (4.96 x 2.68 x 15.75 inch) while allowing you to print two of the same design at the same time.

It provides the 47µm XY resolution, printing every last detail of your designs while doubling printing efficiency—two prints at a time to cut printing time in half!



Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 80 cm

Initial Training, No Thanks

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