B9 Resin VAT


The interior of the B9 Resin Vat is 4.5 inches wide (the same as the discontinued metal vat) and can accept either the recommended “wide” B9 Vat Sweeper v1.2 (4.25 inches wide) or the older “narrow” B9 Vat Sweeper v1.1 (3.75 inches wide).

All B9Creator 3D Printers purchased after 1/8/2015 include this new B9 Resin Vat.

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B9 Resin Vat (container)

  • Ships with a factory applied PDMS coating
  • Built-in pour spout makes transferring the resin cleaner and easier
  • Integrated “flow over” dam helps guarantee a consistent PDMS coating thickness
  • Construction utilizing tough, transparent material¬†offers improved reliability & visibility
  • Resin level is visible from any angle
  • The B9 Resin Vat is backwards compatible with past versions of the B9Creator 3D Printer

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Dimensions 31 × 13 × 5.1 cm