Welcome to RhinoGold 6.5

RhinoGold 6.5 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the RhinoGold experience. It introduces advanced new Decorative and Time-Saving tools. A right Interface for Jewelry CAD together with the ease of its tools, make RhinoGold 6.5 the right way-to-go.


CAD is a must have tool for all Jewellers , with its easy interface and its fast editing tools. The world markets have changed`` without having to stock large inventories . CAD offers you this.

1. Image

Draw your masterpiece on a paper or directly imagine it. Soon it will be a 3D object!

2. Create 3D

Create your dreamed models quickly, easily and comfortable!

3. Manufacture & Sell

Output for manufacturing! Send your CAD file to manufacturing and/or market it!

Key Benefits

Create quicker with Elements

Imagine. Choose. Combine. 3D Print.

Choose within a large selection of jewelry components, easy to combine and edit them to your needs and… voilà, the perfect match!

WOW your customer!

Dress up your marketing creating astonishing photorealistic pictures & videos.

Take advantage of the rendering tools to create your endless virtual catalog with beautiful and unique photos and videos. Add value to your eMarketing with RG tools such as Render Studio, Web 3D and the additional RhinoGold Cloud!

Make it real: 3D Print.

Integrated manufacturing ability through Stuller or quick CAM exporting for producing as you wish.

Be Creative. Design from scratch

When you want to build jewellery from scratch, RhinoGold Jewellery Builders and Advanced creation tools, allow exploring the most out of 3D to create your one-of- a-kind design.

Sculpting Tools

Remove the complexity of curve and surface modelling with interactive sculpting tools. Similar to real world clay modelling or wax carving interaction.

Create complex organic sculpture quickly and easily.

Sophisticated Tech Report | Customer Report

One-Click solution to either create a technical report for manufacturers and stone setters or issue a budget for your customer.

Training & Support

Comprehensive hands-on training classes, user forum, phone and email technical support and endless complementary learning materials

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RhinoGold Cloud

The new Digital Jewellery Application that has first revolutionized the concept of ́Selling On-Line Jewellery ́ interactively with the customer.

Additional service of RhinoGold 6.

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RhinoGold 6.5

RhinoGold 6.5 the right ´way to go´ for jewellery professionals.