Jewellery Resins

The resin play a vital role in this process because its quality and viscosity with impart the resolution and hardness of the final printed object. The castable nature of the resin is determined by how well the resin can melt and evacuate the casting investment. Creative CADworks has invested a great deal of resources and time to find a solution that is right for various jewellery applications.

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MiiCraft resins are designed specifically to go hand-in-hand with the MiiCraft 3D printers and provide you with the best results. You are sure to find the right resin that can bring out the best jewellery prototypes from your MiiCraft 3D printer.

B9Creator resins are designed to work with B9Creator 3D Printers. The resins are have multiple purposes from printing castable rings for jewellers to printing oral models for dentists.

Ever since the SLA and DLP printers became readily available, the problem has always been the quality and the pricing of the resins. Where the 3D printers were available in a range of qualities and prices, the development of the resins stayed behind.

This is the newest resin developed by Creative CADworks.  Jellyfish has been formulate to address the one key issue facing all resin based printers aimed at the jewellery market, castability.

High detail resin ideally formulated for Platicast investment.