The Creative Cadworks Plus Edition

The creative Cadworks Plus Edition will Extend the Range of Resins that your Miicraft+ will be able to use

In the jewellery industry, a 3D printer is only as good as the resins used.  And it was here that we started to build the Creative CADworks Plus Edition.  As we formulated our resins, we had two key areas that we focused on: fineness of details in the printed object and more importantly castability.   The CCW Castable resin will achieve those objectives.


A unique resin made made exclusively by Creative CADworks to work with the MiiCraft+.  Through extensive testing and casting, we believe that we have a great castable resin for Miicraft 3D printers (MiiCraft+,MiiCraft 125, MiiCraft 100, MiiCraft 80, MiiCraft 50 and MiiCraft 100x) .  With a focus on combining a very high level of printed details and ease of castablity, this resin is the excellent addon for any jewellery based 3D printing.  We have tested this blend with traditional industry accepted burnout methodology using satin cast the results have been great.  When we have used phosphate based investments, such as platicast, with industry accepted burnout methodology for resins, the result have been excellent.

  • CCW Castable Resin 2015-01 with 14kt casting using plasticast
  • CCW Castable Resin 2015-01 with silver casting using satincast

Creative Cadworks Castable Resin

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