Resinworks3D Castable line of Resins

When a jeweler wants to migrate their workflow from the traditional ways of casting jewellery to 3D printing. The most important characteristics in the new workflow is the castable resin. A jeweler needs a castable resin that fits into their workflow without any hinderance. For example, they should be able to outsource their printed models to a casting house and expect clean and consistent results.

Detailed prints 

Castings and high quality prints go hand in hand. The resin needs to print every detail on the model. However, achieving both (a great casting & an excellent print) is not something all castable resin manufactures can claim. When testing the print quality, the prints came out excellent each time regardless of the 3d printer we used.

Casting Quality/Standard wax burnout

We also tested the Resinworks3D castable resins with a variety of casting houses to ensure the results are consistent across the border. Since, many casting houses have their own personal techniques, we wanted to make sure that the resins would work with everyone’s workflow. These resins can be casted in common alloys such as silver and gold. In addition, unlike other resins in the market, Resinworks3D resin like the EasyCast HD O2 can also be casted in platinum and palladium.
Casting Tree

Negligible Shrinkage 

The use of high quality raw materials has made sure that the resins have negligible shrinkage and superior castings. In comparison, many other 3D printer castable resins have a really high rate of shrinkage.

Why Resinworks3D?

While other castable resins require primer and other solutions to make the resin hard/soft and sometimes sharp. Resinworks3D resins don’t require any additional solutions before and after printing. Many other castable resins out there require their own burnout cycle which disrupts the workflow of a caster who wants to cast other waxes with their printed models. Resinworks3D line of resins are classified by its customers as the best castable resin as it casts as good as a wax.

Compatible printers
– Phrozen
– Miicraft
– Asiga
– Solus
– Elegoo Mars
– Anycubic
– Carbon
– Make X
– Form 1
– Form 2
and many others
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