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  • Close more sales

  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology

  • Offer a more complete custom experience

  • Differentiate and modernize

  • Eliminate outsourcing and offer faster service

  • Improve the quality and finish of designs

  • Be the leader in my market

  • Countless jewellery design files are available online at modest prices that can printed to be shown to your clients!

  • With our 1 on 1 support you will be up and running within a hour

  • The CADworks Jewellery Edition 3D Printer has been specialised for jewellery applications and support will be provided by a jewellery expert

  • We have been jewellery CAD designers since 2009 and know the industry top to bottom

  • Printer calibrated in house for high resolution prints

  • Material costs are lower than competitors

  • We are experts in 3D printer jewellery applications

  • You will NOT find better after sale service

  • Our castable resin is an industry leader and exported by us globally.


  • 2-4 weeks for project to be completed

  • Time consuming, if file needs to be changed


  • Everything done in house, files can be printed in hours (Even without CAD experience ready to be printed files can be found online)

  • Files can be printed for less than a dollar

Meeting Your Needs

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The MiiCraft 3D DLP Printer enables high resolution and accurate printing without sacrificing productivity and quality. With its large build platform, it gives jewellers the ability to print more models in one single printing session. The MiiCraft 3D DLP Printer is capable of building models up to 125*70mm @ 65um to 57*32mm @30um with a minimum thickness layer of 5um (Depending on the resolution required). This makes the MiiCraft 3D DLP Printer ideal for jewellery.


Take advantage of our experience in DLP pico projection technology, the MiiCraft 3D DLP Printer has the ability to print accurate pieces quickly. Over 70% of our customers are using the MiiCraft Printers as manufacturing equipment. As a result, the MiiCraft 3D DLP Printer focuses on mechanical design and easy maintenance for customers.

The MiiCraft DLP Printer can print fine quality jewellery pieces such as rings, pendents, earrings, etc.

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What Makes the Miicraft an Ideal Printer for Jewellery ?

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