High Resolution Resins

High detail resin ideally formulated for Platicast investment.

Available in 250 ml.

This is the newest resin developed by Creative CADworks.  Jellyfish has been formulate to address the one key issue facing all resin based printers aimed at the jewellery market, castability.

Key Features

Low Burnout – Traditional resins require that a very high burnout temperature  be reached in order to ensure that the resin is completely burnt out of the casting investment.  On the other hand, Jellyfish, DOES NOT require a very high burnout, in fact the ideal temperature needed is that of most hand craved or push wax. We have aimed to create a resin, where you don’t have to create a separate casting flasks, one for your traditional waxes and another for your resin models.

Casting Investment-  Not all casting investments are made equal.  For traditional resins, a much harder and more difficult to use casting investments are needed to cast effectively.  On the other hand, Jellyfish, has bee formulated so that the best results are achieved using SatinCast or traditional gypsum based investments.

Printer compatibility- Projet1200, MiiCraft+, B9 Creator, TigerXL 3D, TigerXHD 3D, and TigerHD 3D  and most available projector based resin printers.

Also available as a sample size 30grm or 500grms

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