Knowledge is power: The global diamond industry responds to its synthetic counterpart


This article was featured in Jewellery Business Magazine’s April 2017 issue. This year marked a great deal of change and challenges for the global diamond industry as it made a stand against the influx of synthetics entering the market. Synthetic diamond manufacturers first encroached on the industry eight years ago with the emergence of large-scale

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Is there a place for hue on diamond grading reports?


THIS ARTICLE WAS FEATURED IN JEWELLERY BUSINESS MAGAZINE Over the last 90 years, some of the most prominent gemmologists and gemmological institutions have aimed to create scientific consistency. 
The principal goal of their endeavour has been to formalize a standardized, unbiased language to accurately describe diamonds and gemstones. Unfortunately, some of these efforts run counter-intuitive

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Survival of the Fittest: Adapting to evolving technologies in the jewellery industry.


The growth and application of CAD/CAM technology in the jewellery industry is quite unique and worth examining, given the way it has fundamentally transformed the way business is done today. The technology has impacted everything from jewellery manufacturing to the purchase process at the retail level. But more importantly, the jewellery industry may be seen

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